A culture of intelligence - the natural step for you

Currently, there are many organisations going through something akin to an existential crisis.

Fortunately, there’s one factor that remains the same – when everything else seems to be moving at a very high pace – our brain. So naturally, we need start there. Everything else is crazy.

You can increase your productivity by 20-40 per cent.

There is a gap between what science knows and what we do.

Heppicopter online training is based on research

In an intelligent culture every individual is empowered to use their brain's full potential - in the office and remotely.

  • You will gain in-depth knowledge about when, where and how your brain works at its best. And WHY this is so. You get more done – with less effort. Like a catapult.
  • You will also gain in-depth knowledge of how the brain is affected by, for example, multitasking and disruptive environments. WHY it is affected and HOW it affects the results of what you do (writing, creating, et cetera) and your well-being.  You get more done – with less effort. Like a double catapult.
  • You will gain knowledge that will help you increase your performance and well-being.
  •  You receive concrete advice and tips from researchers.

You will understand how to think and act in order to use your brain’s full potential. When working in the office, at home or elsewhere.

The Heppicopter model©.

The model describes the process in a way that is simple and easy to understand. We call it the Heppicopter model©. (3.46 min)

The model shows that it is an ecological system, where different brain parts interact and depend on each other. And just like your interaction with nature, you can make good or bad choices.

There are 22 mini-lessons comprising mini-lectures, texts, videos, animations, researchers’ images, concrete advice and tips from researchers, reflection exercises and knowledge tests.

A mix of seriousness, creativity and playfulness – to stimulate the brain. It’s like nothing else we’ve seen or heard of.

The lessons are nine minutes long on average.

Cognitive coaching: Behavioural changes after only five or six Heppicopter training sessions.

1. ”We were looking for an online training course that would complement our own concept and decided to try Heppicopter due to how quickly it can help change the behaviour, in only five to six sessions. I quickly realised how inefficiently I was working – and what I needed to do to use my brain’s full potential.”

2. ”The Heppicopter training course helped me change my behaviour for the better, which I feel is rare when it comes to online training. The training is based on research and is easy to understand. We now use the training in our work, and the participants really notice the benefits.”

That is what two licensed professionals in cognitive coaching and ICC say, who studied under the international pioneer in cognitive coaching, Lars-Eric Unestål.

Christer Bäckman (1) is a Sales Manager and Fredrik Uddeholt (2) is a Course Manager for Trippple Prestation, a company focusing on performance development. He has completed and compared several online health training programs.

He has completed and compared many online training programs in the field of health.


”We, Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan in Halland wanted to prepare us in the best possible way on how to meet the flexible working arrangements of the future.

”We chose Heppicopter, which turned out to be a fantastic eye-opener and source of inspiration. The educational set-up, tests and subsequent conversations have given us perspectives on our own behaviour and enabled us to make individual and organisational changes. 

We highly recommend everyone to do this course!” ”
Joachim Lindqvist, Director, Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan in Halland. (Administrators – adult education.) They are ranked #1 in the category of 20-49 employees.


(2.31 min)
100% said the training has given them in-depth knowledge of when, where and how their brain works best. And why. And some more …

” … I have a better understanding of how my brain works and what I can do to utilise it. This is a great model.” 

”It was easy to absorb as a whole, and making a change doesn’t have to be difficult.2


Jonas Westerlund, JonWest Consulting AB, has completed over 100 office projects on all continents.

”Your education fits like a glove in all learning journeys towards the next normal. I have taken the programme myself and changed my way of working.”

"Both in terms of promoting health and from an economic perspective"

The web training is well thought out and educational. The structure is clever and deals with knowledge about the brain in an appealing way that is easy to absorb. 

The topic is timely in an important area that many companies can gain a lot from learning more about – both in terms of promoting health and from an economic perspective. I highly recommend the Heppicopter course.”  
Isabelle Sjövall, Neuro Designer

"The management team, have an increased focus"

”Heppicopter has been part of Byggelit’s leadership training. We have gained a deeper understanding of how we are affected by today’s society.

We all thought that multifunctional meetings and media made us more efficient, but the truth is that we’ve seen significant improvements using the insights learned in the Heppicopter course, especially within the management team, where we have an increased focus and less disruption.” 
Peter Lundblad, CEO, Byggelit AB (supplier of construction boards.



In an intelligent culture every individual is empowered to use their brain’s full potential in the office and remotely. (3.04 min)

Based on the critically acclaimed book by Tomas Dalström

The training is based on the nominated and critically acclaimed book “Your 2008 brain is more efficient than the one you have today” (only in Swedish) by Tomas Dalström, behavioural scientist, writer, lecturer and journalist with a focus on the brain.

“The research references form impressive links.”                
Leif Edvinsson, professor emeritus of Intellectual Capital, Lunds university, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Henley Management College.

”Complicated brain science written for non-brain scientists. Bravo!” 
Jonas Westerlund, Director Volvo Group Future Workplace, Volvo Group.

”Extremely motivating to change.”
Sweden’s largest magazine for well-being

“In his book, Tomas Dalström teaches us what happens when our brain is constantly exposed to external disturbances, when we allow our brain to be disturbed and when the environment around us constantly makes it difficult for our brain to perform and function.

The book is written primarily for those who design our workplaces, but I think everyone should read it.”
Professor Emeritus of Architecture, Chalmers University of Technology, Visiting Professor of Facilities Management, Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Visiting Professor at the University of Michigan.


Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Ulf Ziegler : CEO
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Heppicopter is a collaboration between my company Little Big One AB ( and Tomas Dalström. 

He has received national and international prizes and awards for non-fiction, journalism, commercials, commissioned films, interactive productions, drama and innovation.

Tomas has written all the texts and scripts for our online training course. I have produced it.